Monday, January 3, 2011

Blake's Baptism

After church on Sunday, Blake was baptized at the YMCA indoor pool. Our church does not have an indoor facility for immersion baptism, but often use a nearby lake. Considering the temperature, Blake was much more comfortable at the YMCA indoor pool.

The biggest obstacle was explaining to the boys, we weren't there for them to swim. First they just wanted to dip these noodles in the water, then they wanted to dip their toes. Fortunately that's as wet as they got.

Our good friend, and church elder, Drew Rhodes assisted our Pastor, KO Noonoo

I was so grateful, that one of Mason's favorite teachers from daycare, Ms. Polly, was there as well. She is also a church elder, and is awesome to both Mason and Braden!

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  1. Tell Blake congratulations! This is big news!