Friday, April 20, 2012

William paved the way for Dash

About two weeks ago I was driving home for lunch and spotted this turtle in the road. When I was a kid we never passed up the chance to bring a turtle home and let it hang out for a few days. I was in second grade when I kept pestering my current turtle by tapping it on the nose. My mom told me if it bit me, it wouldn't let go until lightning struck. Picture bright blue skies and cotton candy clouds, no rain in site. Of course, Mom's are ALWAYS right, and sure enough the turtle latched onto my finger. I would also like to mention that my grandfather was on his way to pick me up for church. I screamed and cried as any second grader would, and my Step-dad had to bonk it in the head until it let go. Lesson learned.
Braden and Mason were fascinated with this turtle, to the extent that Braden named him William. William was only with us a few short hours, before we convinced the boys that Lakeside Park was where his family lived, and he probably really missed them.

There were tears shed when we let William loose to be with his family, but we are quite sure it was the right thing. Both boys kept all their digits!

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