Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter with Batman

 The boys were thrilled with their Easter Bunny gifts....Cardinal underwear and sponge capsules! The little capsules you soak in hot water and they dissolve into some kind of animal shaped sponge.

 Real or Fake. Note sure what was going on here, but you can never assume! Blake has been great at getting the "real moments" lately. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for Mason these days, it's a thousand screams!

 After lunch we had a lovely brunch at PSU.

 The sun was shining, and the campus is so green right now, it was too perfect, not to get a few shots!
Of course Braden can smile and hold, while Mason is a wiggle worm. Below he was complaining about the sun in his eyes, but really the sun was behind my eyes!

 I love to look back at last year's pictures and see how much they've grown!

 Mason the squirrel hunter

 Braden has yet to meet a camera he didn't love!

 As soon as we got home, Braden hid eggs for Mason to find. Not sure what made him think of his Halloween costume, but he was Batman for the rest of the day!

 Braden was so sweet, he even put a prize ticket in one of the eggs, and this trophy was the prize.

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