Sunday, April 22, 2012

You say you want a revolution

 Soccer season is back! This is Mason's first season to play, and I promise to upload pictures of his game next week. I wasn't able to get pics of his first, because I had the pleasure of filling in for Blake as coach. There were random tears, kids running off the field to their parents, or hug their Mom, or like Mason, just having fun blowing spit bubbles. Blake had to be in DC, and I didn't mind filling in, but am happy he will be there the rest of the games!

Ironically, he isn't Braden's coach this year, but had to "fill in" for Braden's first game, because the Coach was out of town. We had just enough kids to play, and no subs, so they worked hard!

We are team Revolution.....which is fun to yell from the sideline!

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