Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Braden!

Braden - age 1

Neither Blake or I can believe that it was six years ago we brought this 9 lb 1 oz baby home, having no idea what to do with him. Blake knew exactly how to hold him while standing and bouncing just right to stop his tears. Braden would sit content in his lap and watch several innings of Cardinal baseball on TV. We made the goofiest noises and faces to please this sweet boy. We would make sure his food and milk were the perfect temperatures, bought only the expensive diapers, stressed over every diaper rash, scratch or bump and would practically stand on our heads to stop his tears.

Braden - age 6

Braden has survived the last 6 years and appears to be a normal, happy boy, regardless of his inexperienced parents. We still know exactly what he likes and doesn't like and there are still times we will practically stand on our heads to stop his tears or get a smile! He loves the Cardinals, and playing sports. He loves that his Daddy is the coach and practices with him in the back yard! He loves doing art projects at school and home, and anything to "help" us out, even if it means keeping an eye on Mason. He is an outstanding big brother, even though it's not always easy. We think he is the funniest most handsome kid in the whole world, and it blows our minds to look at him as a six year old boy and remember our tears of joy as he lay swaddled between us at home, both of us in awe that we created something so perfect.

Happy Birthday, Braden, you make every day brighter!

Our Braden is 6 years old today! He just finished Kindergarten, and is about to start his 3rd year of T-ball! Here a few of his favorites:
Teacher: Ms. Kim (Preschool) and Mrs. Vacca (Kindergarten)
Dinner: Ribs
Vegetable: Cauliflower & Broccoli
Fruit: Oranges
Drink: Milk and Water
Breakfast: Muffin Tops
Snack: PBJ
Learned at school: Drawing along with Mrs. Vacca at school
Song: Thriller
Movie: Monsters, Inc.
Cartoon: Ninja Turtles
Ice cream: Vanilla
Super Hero: Underdog
To do with Daddy: Go biking
To do with Momma: swim while she watches
To do with Mason: fall on the floor
Friend: Will, Ethan, Timmie and River

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  1. Happy Birthday to Braden!! :) He's such a handsome boy!