Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Biggest Fan

Being the "oldest" it's hard for Blake and I to fully understand the sacrifices of the second child. Mason has endured hours of Braden's games (basketball, football, soccer, and baseball) during his four long years. This year has been much better, because as I get older, I get wiser, and was able to hire a very capable 10 year old to shadow Mason at the ballpark. Many of you have read about our friend River, well, this is her older sister Scout. I was not yet a mother when Morgan Nick went missing from the Alma ballpark, but I have never forgotten it. It has been very challenging to focus the ballgames and Mason, simultaneously. He is not the only younger sibling by any means, but I can't hardly take my eyes off of him for even a minute. So Scout has made this season much more enjoyable!

On Tuesday night, when Braden and I left for his first round in the tournament, and Mason and Blake left for Mason's last T-ball game, he insisted on wearing "his" Astro hat to the T-ball game, to support his big brother. This picture is of him showing off the participation medals we have made for all the younger teams Blake coaches. Each medal is engraved with the participants name, year and team name. The kids really get a kick out of them!

During Braden's championship game, Mason would stop by and give me reports of the game, that my eyes were glued to. "Hey Mom, heads up, we do not have any points yet" He was also really good when he took a minute to sit down, to cheer for the number of the player batting. "Go number 8!" In between 4 snow cones and hanging out with Scout, Mason felt it was his duty to give me the random score checks. He was really excited for his big brother, but a little sad when he saw the trophy Braden got to take home. His turn will come.....I have no doubts!

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