Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy weekend

My amazing husband doesn't make many demands upon me, but this weekend he demanded that I accept an invitation from several girlfriends, to get massage chair pedicures and go to lunch, while he kept the boys. I offered to just to the pedicures and skip lunch, but he insisted, so I complied. It was a great treat. One friend, Janet, was celebrating her birthday on Sunday, so I tagged mine onto the celebration as well.

Sunday afternoon it was a little warmer than it has been, so Braden's good friends that live across the street came over to play in the back yard. Blake was grilling out so he kept an eye on them as they explored our yard in Timmie's new jeep. I'm having visions of them being 16.

Thank you, Grandma! A package arrived on Friday, full of goodies from Grandma Odean, one of them being this puppy dog, that Braden has named "Puppy" You never know what they are going to attach to, but their is definitely an attachment to this dog. Braden tucks him in next to him and even brushes Puppy's hair, with his own hair brush. I snapped the picture above during our goodnight kisses, and Blake snapped the one below when he checked on Braden before going to bed himself.

Braden would obviously LOVE to have a real puppy, but instead he got Mason.

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