Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Main Event

You can only guess who is Rocky and who is Drago. Just like Braden is always Luke Skywalker, and always red Spiderman, not black, always Batman or maybe Robin, but never the Joker, he is Rocky. Poor Daddy, is always the bad guy, so he is obviously Drago. This main event occurs every night, and Mamma is always the ref (is that what it is in boxing?) I have to do a countdown from 10 and announce the winner (always Rocky) "In the blue corner, Braden Rocky Benson is the winner," and "in the red corner, Daddy Drago Benson, is the loser" it's quite a production.

Headlock. . . Braden got mad because I got a picture hof him in a headlock, so we had to get one of him putting Drago in a headlock.

Braden's signature move....booty on the face. He insisted I take about 3 pictures of this move.

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  1. booty on the face..that's funny. Hope he doesn't teach that one to J!