Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Queen for the Day!

Once again my guys made sure I had a WONDERFUL birthday! We started the celebration on Sunday night. . .daddy made delicious Salmon patties and Braden and I made a Chocolate Chocolate Chip bundt cake (thanks for this recipe, Lissa!) and it was the most perfect bundt cake I've ever made!

Blake has discovered the Hallmark singing cards. . . and Braden LOVES them! The one I got from the boys said something like "As far as mom's go" then you open it to Tina Turner "You're simply the best!" Then Blake's card. . .said something like "Just becasue you get older doesn't meant you have to act mature. . ." and it opened to Rick James SUPER FREAK. It took Braden all of two listens to fall in love with this song and sing ever line that the card gave you. . .even "She's a very special girl. . from her head down to her toe nails." Every morning since, he has begged to take it to school for show and tell.

Fortuantely the Griffin's sent him a Halloween card that played the "Monster Mash" so we keep encouraging him to take that one!

Then, on the BIG DAY, we got to celebrate with Mason, and blow out the candles!

Mason was tired of posing for the camera and decided to eat Braden's hair instead!

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  1. glad you had a good birthday! I'd like that recipe for that cake too, when you get a chance. It sounds good.