Friday, January 16, 2009

Room for Mason

From the day I put this mobile (which was Braden's) onto Mason's crib (which was also Braden's) Braden has loved playing with it, even before Mason got here. Now that Mason is here, and nearly every moment he's in his crib, he is sleeping, or should be, there hasn't been any opportunities for the mobile, until Wednesday night. I sat Mason down so I could do a few things before bedtime, and I called down that Mason needed his mobile turned on, Braden raced up the stairs, fresh from his bath, and combing his own hair, to accommodate his little brother. Daddy raced up too, then back down for the camera! Good thing he's in such great shape! The mobile was a big hit!

I had not discovered blogging before Mason got here, so I'll give you a little background on the nursery. We have two bedrooms downstairs, ours and Braden's and two bedrooms upstairs, Mason's and a guest, which is now mine! Mason's room was painted a very bright purple, which is also our high school's color. Blake did an excellent job repainting it this lovely shade of green!

With the help of my dear friend, Susie Lee, we made the bedding, she did the bumper pad and I did the skirt. The amazing thing about the bumper pads is that she did them in sections so I can swap them around and change the look if I want!

The upstairs bedrooms do not have closets, so with the help of a very resourceful Nan (Janet Benson found this at an antique store in Forrest City) Mason has this adorable child-sized armoire. It is PERFECT for his little clothes! The adorable picture frame and blocks were shower gifts from Ann & Becki, they both came from Lad-n-Lassie in Mountain Home.


  1. I hadn't seen the nursery since you painted it. LOVE the way it all turned out.

  2. Love the room!
    Don't you just love it when they get old enough to do the work?! The other night, as Jarrad and I were watching something on TV, I said to him "do you think it's a problem that our 7-year-old is bathing our 3-year-old?" (we'll, she's almost 4!:) Then we both looked at each other and said "nah." He runs her bath water, gets her drinks, turns the tv on for her, reads her books while I'm cooking dinner. Ahh, independence, I love it. Just wait... it's coming.

  3. Oh yeah, that "anonymous" is from me - guess I need to create an account.