Monday, June 15, 2009

Yard Sales, T-Ball, Cookouts and Bath time!

Friday night I had the pleasure of attending a VIP viewing at our good freinds, The Wixson's Yard Sale. I'm not sure Blake was excited about this as I was. I love his philosophy of "whatever it takes..." he was trying to get Braden's plate together, so when Mason found the paper recycling bag, Blake said "go for it, if it keeps you happy!"

Our T-Ball game on Saturday went great! This of course is "after" the game, the Jolly Trolly was in the right place! Braden got his first injury, a line-drive hit him right below the knee, there were a few tears, but not many. He had a few great hits, but on one, he wanted to watch where it went and got out at first. This all happened without tears, too! I assured him it happens to Pujols, too. Blake informed me that it doesn't!!!

Our game was at 1:oo smack dab in the middle of Mason's nap time. He stayed awake for most of it and finally gave in to the sand man! We let him finish his nap in the shade while Braden enjoyed his snow cone!

We were invited to an impromtu cookout at the Wixson's on Saturday night.

Ahh, what's this?

Feels good on my gums! Hope Mom doesn't put that camera down and take it away!

Uh oh, where did Dad go?

Look, no hands!

Braden and Gracie, look at those great table manners!

My VIP trip to the yard sale paid off. Braden is now the proud owner of bunk beds. He feels like a king in his castle! I get to be the princess, Mason the prince, and Daddy a Knight.

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