Monday, June 8, 2009

Mason's first bash!

Happy Birthday, Mason! We celebrated Mason's first birthday in grand style, much like Braden's, in the backyard! We had the kiddie pools out once again, and Braden had several friends in attendance as well. Above is the cake! Sweet Designs Cakery did an excellent job of creating this eggless masterpiece, by frosting a stack of rice crispy treats. I didn't do such a great job of getting it on the cake stand, you can see the smudged corner!

Instead of cupcakes in the cupcake tree, I put some jars of baby food, juice, and trail mix in a few cupcake cups.

A few of the "big kids" playing in the fancy pool! Braden used some of his birthday money two years ago to buy this pool with steps and a slide!

Little brother, Dylan above and big brother Zach, below.

The parents relaxing in the shade!

Dylan enjoying the pool, after one of the big kids took a dive and left leaves behind!

Here comes the cake!

Becky and her baby girl, Emily! I work with Becky, and her girls go to school with Braden.

Lydia (Becky's oldest), Braden, Will and Gracie found the chips & salsa!

Paying close attention to whatever Mr. Todd is telling them!

Daddy was so brave to be the one to remove him from his chair!

He couldn't wait to get in the pool!

Daddy getting the frosting out of his ear!

Finally he gets a dip in the pool!

About Mason
Things he can say:
Mamamamamama, Dadadadadad, Bbbbbbbbb (Braden), da (everything he points to), ga (we think go)

6:15 a.m. - up for the day!
8:00 a.m. - breakfast
9:30ish - short morning nap
10 a.m. - bottle
11:30 - lunch (fresh fruit, cubed cooked carrots, Gerber 3rd foods meal, freeze dried fruit snacks or star puffs/Cheerios)
12:30 - long afternoon nap (between 1.5 to 2 hours)
3:00 - bottle
5:30 - dinner (similar to lunch)
6:00 - bath
7 - 7:30 p.m. - bottle & bed
4:30 a.m. - awake!!! Bottle for now but we're working on that! Back to sleep.

Took your first steps on Braden's 5th birthday, for Daddy! You'll take about 8 steps, but it's still easier to crawl!

You can "sign" when you want more food, tapping your fist to an open hand. We're working on a few more.

We must talk on the phone too much because anytime it rings you hold your hand to your ear and say "hi" I found an Elmo cell phone Braden had as a baby and it sings "Lalalala, Elmo's World" so now you open it and move your tongue but don't actually say "Lalalala"

You also take medicine very well. Daddy lets you hold the syringe and you put it right in your mouth.

You also love to put the spoon in your jars of food and help me get the food on it and put it in your mouth.

Things you love:
TO BE OUTSIDE! You always want to go outside when we walk by the door, and you start waving your hand.

Oustide you love to play on the little playset, peeking through the different windows, climbing in and out of the kiddie pool, playing in the sandbox, and sliding down the "big" slide. You now have your own swing on the big playset and you love this, too! At first you did NOT enjoy the feel of the grass, but you're getting used to it! Sometimes you'll even crawl across the concrete patio. This hurts me to watch so I usually scoop you up.

You love to dig into the kitchen cabinets, we've locked all but the one with the plastic plates, bows and cups that you and Braden use.

You love to hold onto our fingers and walk.

You love to go bye, bye in the morning with Daddy. You're starting to blow kisses, and as soon as he picks you up, you start waving!

Things you know you're not supposed to do:
We have to keep the stairs blocked, so you don't climb them, and this makes you very angry.

You also seem to go straight for the toilets and get mad anytime you hear the bathroom door shut. We are learning to keep them shut at all times.

Anytime you went in Braden's room you would go directly to his night light, I finally had to unplug it and childproof the plug!

You also want the phone.

Things you hate:
When we turn the water off in the bath tub.

Being on your changing table.

Sometimes being put in your car seat, you arch your back

Riding in your car seat for too long!

When anyone tells you "no" you crumple into tears.

Getting your finger and toe nails clipped.

Being put down for nap. We put you in your crib until you fall asleep. You do much better at bedtime.

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