Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Mason

Thank you everyone for all of the cards and gifts that have arrived in the mail this week (Nana, Papa, Ann & Kenneth, Nan & Pop, The Harris', and the Dickerson's!)

I'm so glad Mason will not remember this day, because it was not the best birthday ever! He started off the day (above) with Mom trying to get a great Birthday picture, which he lost patience with very quickly. Then I took him to the doctor for the last of a 3 day antibiotic shot for ear infections. I picked him up early and we had a few friends come over for a playdate, even one his age. He was a little fussy, so I tried a nap, which he refused.

Daddy got this great shot after bath, but the picture below is what the rest of the night was like until bedtime. On top of the ear infections he's cutting his cuspids and first molars.

Mason has a much better time on Tuesday. We went to a Rotary picnic at the local park and he loved being outside, playing on the playground a little bit, and watching Braden ride the train. That might not have been fun, but he got to ride on Daddy's shoulders, and this time didn't puke on Daddy's head!!!

On Monday there was a package waiting for the boys, and Braden had no problems opening it! Thank you Dickerson's for the great books!

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