Monday, June 22, 2009

Please send Mason your happy thoughts on Tuesday

Mason has an appointment at 7:45 a.m. with a Pediatric Allergist in Joplin. We need to see the extent of his allergy to eggs, and find out what else he might be allergic to. In addition, Dr. Straub will hopefully be able to administer his one year vaccinations. Our pediatrician was not comfortable since two of the vaccinations are egg based. Blake came home with a couple of horror stories from other parents about how intense allergy testing can be. As we were getting the appointment set up, the nurse did tell us to expect it to last around 4 hours, and that we should be prepared to keep him entertained. I must say Blake was willing to take him solo, but I wanted to be there as well, and I was NOT willing to take him solo! So we are both going! Braden will have normal day of Tot Lot, summer camp then daycare!

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  1. Good luck Mason! (Good luck parents!) The early start to your day is a great help, right? Naps all round in the afternoon!