Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Hawk Up

During Braden's football game on Saturday, this Black Hawk was landing in the corner of the field as part of the PSU game day festivities. Blake said it perfectly, "these kids can get distracted by a butterfly, I can't wait to see how they respond to a helicopter!" They, including most of the coaches, stopped in their tracks and stared in the air as the helicopter flew over and landed SEVERAL times! Somehow during all of the helicopter excitement, Braden still managed several touchdowns and did a great job grabbing the other teams flags. He definitely knows what's going on this year!

After the game we all walked over to get a closer look.

At the game, Braden wanted to get tattooed and punked out in time to be a Bleacher Creature.

His hair is so blonde, the red hairspray looks a little pink!

Braden with his good friends and fellow Bleacher Creatures, Grace & Mattie Wixson.

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