Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Fun

Sunday afternoon at our friend Ethan's party. It was Transformer themed, and the invite said he was "Transforming into 5" so Braden asked all week, "is it time for Ethan to Transform into 5 yet?"

Fun in the backyard on Saturday. Notice they are both carrying a big stick! Mason and this toy golf club and Braden with his foam, wooden-looking bat.

Mason gets a ride to go find the ball Braden hit over the fence.

We've gotten several green peppers out of the garden but this was our first red pepper!

A few images leftover from Labor Day. This is what happened when Blake got to read stories.

Where's Mason? I was still in the kitchen and Blake peeked around the corner because he could hear Mason but couldn't see him. I left the door open because he likes to push the button that turns the light on and off, I didn't realize he was so interested in getting INSIDE for a closer look at the light.

Blake with Amiee and Mason. They are 3 weeks apart, but I promise Amiee is at least 8 pounds heavier. She would take about 10 steps at a time but hasn't quite mastered walking yet. She's a little top heavy for her tiny feet.

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