Monday, September 21, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Came to Town

When I picked Braden up from school on Friday he was soooooooo proud at how loose his tooth was. Apparently he and his good friend, Tyler, had spent the entire day pushing and prodding until their little teeth were bleeding and then enjoyed the drama of BLOOD. No matter what kind of bump or scrape he gets, the first question is always "is it bleeding?"

Blake and I both offered to pull it but he wanted none of that! So I finally put a little orajel, and a tissue so he could get a better grip and sat with him until he got it out! We stuck a q-tip in to stop the bleeding!

When I was pregnant with Braden I got a goody bag at some baby event, that had a nice letter from a local pediatric dentist and a hand-made tiny pillow with a small pocket to put a tooth in. We got this little pillow out and taped his tooth to a piece of paper and stuck it in the pocket. The tooth fairy (Blake) generously left $1.

Braden was so proud of this dollar, he took it for show & tell today.


  1. oh THAT'S a big event!

  2. It has been a major event at our house. Now he wants them all to be loose!