Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Once in a lifetime experience

Blake and I had the once in a lifetime experience over this LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG holiday weekend to have the grand experience of surviving 6 children, basically 3 sets of twins. Braden & Chloe 5, Hannah 4, Brooke almost 4, Amiee & Mason 15 months.

We had the reinforcement of one more adult, my sister, Chelsea, but the ratio of 3 adults vs 6 kids wasn't exactly fair. It was a lot of fun, but literally a marathon of baths, laundry, meals, diapers, wiping tears, art time, and refereeing.

It was great if we took them on two at a time, Blake took Chloe and Braden fishing, and nap time was good, at least 3 of them would nap after lunch. Needless to say, we are still exhausted!

Story time before bed the first night

Braden, Chloe, Brooke & Hannah at the Little Balkan's Days Fun Run. Blake registered them beforehand, so the 4 oldest got to run in a race. They loved it, and even got a ribbon at the end.

Ms. Chloe

Amiee & Mason

Hannah, Braden & Brooke

Cousin Hannah and Sisters Chloe & Brooke

Mason was so proud of himself trying to sit on poor Amiee.

Chloe's first fishing trip

I love children's artwork. Chloe created this as we painted outside. Blake was so kind to donate 4 of his t-shirts to serve as paint smocks.

Braden working on his picture of two aliens, one with a green tongue.

Brooke picking colors for her rainbow

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  1. oh wow! 6 kiddos! These are the times memories are made. I bet they'll remember that w/end for a long time. Rest easy now.