Monday, September 20, 2010


We started Saturday off with Braden's flag football game at 12:30. He's got a loose tooth and can't seem to leave it alone. Despite whispered threats from Blake to "keep his fingers out of his mouth" this was how he spent most of the game.

We invited Arthur to attend Braden's game and took an extra folding chair for him. As Blake offered him the chair, Arthur chose the grass. He explained to us that he doesn't get the opportunity to sit on the grass in his city because what little exists, is very dirty and littered. This was very humbling for us. I know I never give the grass a second thought, and I'm sure Blake thinks about every time he has to mow. We are learning as much from Arthur as he is from us.

While Mason finished his nap at home, Blake and Braden hit the tailgate circuit. He and Zach, in their Bleacher Creature shirts, were able to hang out and play a few games before the football game got started.

PSU played in the afteroon at 4. We were the very fortunate guests of the Wixson's in the Sodexho sky box. Blake walked Arthur next door to the PSU President's box so that he could meet Dr. Scott. This was a great experience for Arthur, but I think the best part was when he waved to his roommate and friends sitting in the bleachers below our window in the sky box.

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