Monday, September 13, 2010

Move Over Barefoot Contessa

One of my favorite things about Pittsburg is the large number and wide variety of friends I have made! I've mentioned our book club, which out of 12 women, only one is a local. You've also heard all about Ms. River, Braden's very dear "girl" friend. On Saturday, after the flag football game, I had the pleasure of attending one of the best bridal showers EVER! Hosted by one of my dear friends, River's mom, and our local book clubber, Tiffany Peery.

I adore Tiffany on so many levels, but most of all for throwing together a spread like this, with little if any effort at all! She is the hostess with the mostest. The Peery's live across the street from Braden's school, so I pop in unannounced many mornings and afternoons, and Tiffany always welcomes your right in and makes you feel at home! Despite the fact that she has a family (three adorable kiddo's and her hubby) her house could be photographed for a magazine! She is the ultimate at converting another's trash to her treasure and always sniffs out the best deals!

These adorable cookies came from a local cake shop and the plaid is the same print that the "groom-t0-be" will be featuring in his kilt.

Not only was a lucky enough to get an invite to this shower, I was lucky enough to work with the bride, her sister, Piper, on her invitations for the wedding and then invitations for the shower, which Tiffany made part of the decor!

Her gift to Piper, a generous set of personalized stationery! Another reason I love Tiffany, she is one of my best customers, and biggest fans!!!!!

Piper and her fabulous sis, Tiffany

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