Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to America!

The Benson's are hosting two International Students this semester. They don't stay at our home, but we act as a "family" for them to socialize with and get to experience our culture. We met Zhao Long Zhang, English name Arthur Pendragon, for the first time tonight. He is studying Mechanical Engineering and this is first time in the United States. Thankfully, he speaks English very well.

Braden and I picked him up in front of his dorm and met Blake and Mason for dinner at none other than Fat Daddy's.
In the car, Arthur presented Braden with a special gift from China that symbolizes peace and friendship. At dinner he gave another one to Mason, a gift to me, and a beautiful fan to Blake. After a dinner of cheeseburgers and waffle fries, we took him to an All-American tradition, a Friday night high school football game.

He was such a nice guy, and so kind to both Braden and Mason. He even helped Mason hold his very messy snow cone. Arthur is an only child, but has four cousins, and even a two year old in his family. Tomorrow we will take him to Braden's flag football game. On the way home he told me he enjoys cooking Chinese food, so maybe we will get a treat in the near future.

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