Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Like a Queen

As always, my guys treated me like a Queen on my birthday! Considering how awesome my Christmas present was, I had no expectations for my birthday. Even if I had, Blake would have exceeded them, as always!

He and Mason worked very hard on a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake, and delicious Salmon patties.

The boys had to help blow out the candles....two's not bad, right!

Can you see the concern in Braden's face...because Mason is about to knock the three over! He is our little hall monitor!

Braden was so proud of this GIANT diamond ring he "found" to give me for my birthday.

And then came the singing cards! Braden and Mason each got to pick out a singing card, and both thought they were just for their enjoyment.

Braden was extremely tickled because his said something about "burgers and fries, going to your thighs" hmmmm......

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