Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I LOVE my husband

My husband, Blake, who runs despite the temperature, can eat salad without dressing, can skip lunch and not kill someone before dinner, competes in Triathlons, and eats cereal for breakfast, while we eat the bacon, eggs and biscuits he cooked for us, came home with every Super Bowl party food imaginable, and we weren't having a party! It was just for US!!!!

The dip above is a recipe he tried out of the "Cook this Not That" book and baked pita chips.

The rest was pure indulgence, buffalo wings, popcorn chicken, potato skins, veggie tray with ranch dipping sauce and some chopped fruit! The pizza with all the fixin's for the boys to make their own. As you can see from the handful above, Mason is a fan of shredded cheese!

And doesn't feel bad about it!

"Save some cheese for the rest of us!"

Ok, it wasn't an official party, but we did have Will over.

Did I mention the "low fat" brownies for dessert! Since they were low fat, I had two!

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