Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring Fever

Three days before the blizzard hit we were enjoying 70 degree weather. Blake was grilling steaks, Mason wanted to water the garden, and we were dog-sitting for the Arbuckles, so Sadie was chasing the boys around the yard!

Mason LOVES Sadie, but he wasn't too sure about her giant tongue! Braden was trying to help him be brave.

Anytime the boys started to pet her belly she immediately flopped over onto her side, enjoying every second of it!

Our other neighbor, Timmy, came over with his new cowboy hat, and unfortunately, Sadie got a hold of it! She did not destroy it, but there was a moment of chaos, trying to get it back from her. She wasn't just running with it, she was honestly trying to kill it.

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  1. we had a hound dog come to our house just today and Jackson BEGGED for us to keep him. I think I see a dog in our future...maybe WAY in our future, if I have it my way.