Monday, August 29, 2011

Blasts from the Past

[John Lundy, Clay Hurn, Blake, Greg Forrester, Michael Curtis, Justin Thomas]

About a month ago we received a wedding invitation from a KA friend of Blake's. Clay and his bridel lived in Jonesboro, so we were surprised to read on the invitation "at the home of Bert Wright, Fort Smith, AR"

Bert Wright was a mover and shaker in Fort Smith, who had this amazingly landscaped yard and pool area. It was open for swimming, with the unspoken rule you cleaned up before you left. We spent many weekends at this pool before and after Braden, and even hosted Braden's second birthday party there.

 Braden's second birthday party - 2006

It was such a pleasure to see so many old friends from Jonesboro, and also get to spend time with Bert. Turns out, Clay was marrying Bert's niece. Bert was raised in East Arkansas, and if you've ever read A Painted House by John Grisham, Bert claims that was his life to a T.

We are also very thankful for our friends Richard and Lexie Harris. They live about 30 minutes away from Fort Smith, in Ozark. Not only were we able to stay with the Harris' but they also kept Braden and Mason while we attended the wedding. It was perfect because both of their boys, Jackson and Ethan are about a year behind Braden and Mason.

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