Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello 67 LA

On Wednesday, August 3, Blake and I landed in a breezy LA, temperature 67 degrees. I was tagging along for pleasure, but Blake was working. It was a conference and awards ceremony, where he received his CCE designation (Certified Chamber Executive).

The event host was James Cunningham, from the Food Network. He was hilarious and perfect as a host!

The highlight of the night, was a special appearance from the Governor! We were sitting on the front row, so about 15 feet from the stage.

Immediately following the ceremony we had a delicious dinner at the hotel

This is how I spent my time.....I walked around the hotel area on Thursday, and took the bus down to the Santa Monica Pier area on Friday. On Friday night we went down with a group and were able to celebrate our 11th Anniversary with dinner on the pier.

My view while waiting on the bus

This was a shot of the rooftop pool....saltwater pool. If you look closely you can see my breakfast.

The view right outside of our hotel

I had lunch across from FIMD, the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design. This is also the home of the West Coast Project Runway.

Lunch was an authentic greek salad and hummus

This was an exhibit on display at FIDM

I popped into Bottega Louie for a delicious chocolate & raspberry tarte.

Wandered up to the Museum of Contemporary Art

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