Monday, August 15, 2011

Go Cardinals!!!!!

 On Thursday, Blake loaded up the car, both boys, two DVD players, their favorite stuffed animals, blankets, books and snacks, and headed East. They drove to "just outside of St. Louis" so they could hit the zoo first thing Friday morning.

Braden apparently got to pet a stingray AND a hammerhead shark.

 Mason hasn't quite perfected the perfect "picture" smile yet! He loves to squint his eyes shut.

 After the zoo, they met Pop and Nan at the hotel. They attended both the Friday night and Saturday games, swam in the hotel pool and rode the Metro...repeatedly.

 While the guys were in St. Louis, I had time to have dinner with friends, catch up on chores at home, and go with our Young Professionals group to Joplin for debris removal. We met the Joplin YP organization and cleaned around the site of the Elk's Lodge near a former residential area.

It amazed me how many photos we found among the debris.

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