Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Gorilla

 It's official, Mason is starting Preschool at the PSU Little Gorillas Preschool on campus! This is the same one Braden went to. Some of you might remember, they also have a one way mirror, for the student teachers and parents to observe through! I was addicted to this when Braden first started. It was mesmerizing to watch him interact with the other kids. He loves to hear the story how one day while I was watching, he picked something up off the floor and my first thought was, "Ah, he is such a helpful boy" then I stood there with my mouth open in shock as he ate whatever it was. Something leftover from snack.......

 Mason felt like such a BIG BOY with his new backpack and handsome clothes, to meet his new teachers and see his new classroom. I think it was a big help to have Braden tell him how much fun he had and show him around.

 I love that I got this picture of Blake! It couldn't be more out of place.....handsome guy in a suit, sitting on a paint splattered set of stairs, at Preschool! With the bookshelf next to him, he looks like he's about to gather the kiddos around and have story time.......I promise that didn't happen!

 I love this picture that Blake got of Braden! Not just the scaffolding in the background, but Braden's shadow as he's jumping off the ladder.

 Blake decided to tease Mason and ask if he could please wear his NEW backpack!

As you can see, Mason didn't like this plan!

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