Monday, August 31, 2009

Future Jedis Helping in the Garden

Mason still eats the majority of his meals in his high chair, mainly so there's less mess for us to clean up. As soon as Braden sits down at his table to eat anything, Mason wants to be right there! We try to make sure he has a snack or toast and juice to eat with Big Brother. He's also perfected "mine" which he says in reference to EVERYTHING. Weekends have become special in that Daddy gets the boys a sausage biscuit when he runs to get his paper.

After I got a single pic of Mason, I turned the camera on Braden and he made this crazy face.

We know our garden won't last for long, but for now we still have tomatoes and bell peppers. Mason wanted to be right in the middle of Daddy & Braden getting the veggies.

I don't even know what this face was about but it cracks me up!

Mason loves to do whatever Braden does including sword fight!

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  1. If the boys like the lightsaber, check out this video: