Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bend It Like Braden

Soccer season has officially started and is already half over! These pics were from our first game and it was at least 50 degrees outside. You can see people huddled under blankets, and sporting shorts and toboggans. It started out as a warm spring day, but didn't stay that way!

Braden is at the top of this age category and it's amazing how much he's caught on over the last two years. We've got a few newbies on this team, and every 5 minutes one runs off the field to be comforted by Mom. Even the goalies, which is always a surprise for Blake to turn around and have his Goalie gone!

Mason is not content to hang out in his stroller, which has me a little worried about T-Ball season! He wants to be on the field with Braden and DaDa and doesn't understand why he can't. The rest of the time he plays musical chairs sitting in the chairs other people have brought, and wanting to scale the bleachers. Needless to say, these may be the only pictures you get from soccer this year.

This is Mason at half-time practicing his "snacking goalie" skills.

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