Monday, April 12, 2010

Da Da's Phone

A few random pictures that Blake has had on his phone. Mason knows what our phones look like and calls them "Momma phone, Da Da phone," our home phone which is simply a white cordless, is "my phone" which means it's his and anyone who calls must be Nana.

These were taken one afternoon while I was probably at class. Their swing set has a playhouse area which at this point was all mud. Mason made it his new "hiding" place and rolled around in it before Blake knew what happened. He warned me about this, but it happened to me, too!

Mason's favorite word while Tyler was here "Fight" now he carries these Hulk gloves around and says "Tyder?" "Fight"

Braden's school carnival was last Friday. Each class had a booth that parents took turns working, and they had a police car, EMS van and fire truck outside for the kids to crawl around and through. Mason LOVED the fire truck, so he and Blake had the pleasure of enjoying it outside, while I followed Braden around with his 38 tickets, doing the cake walk 3 times, picking ducks out of kiddie pools and getting his face painted.

I tried to get a few good shots with our camera, but none of them turned out anywhere close to this good! Blake is the pro!

Mason is quite the talker. Not only does he know most fruits and veggies, but he can recognize letters and colors. He also has a few key phrases:
My do it (leave me alone, I can do it myself)
Hep peas (Help please)
DaDa Hold (pick me up)
Hand Hand Hand (please hold my hand while I slide off your bed or I want to wash my hands)
Mote (remote)
My mote (I want to play with the remote)
Off (light on or off, it applies to both)
My turn (get out of the way I want to do it again)
juice (drink)
No take you (no thank you)
Shhhhh, noise (what's that noise)
More peas (more please)
My shirt (don't change my clothes)
My can do it (I can take my own diaper off)
Hit? with a raised hand (can I hit or will I get in trouble. Same for kick)
Seat belt (buckle me in)
Bye bye (I'm bored being at home, I want to go)
Shoosh (where are my shoes)

These eyes already melt my heart, he gets his way more often than not because he's so cute!

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  1. He's growing so fast, Christel! I mean, really...where does the time go?