Saturday, April 24, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Mason has had his eyes on Braden's frog (rain) boots for the longest time and never misses a chance to put them on, and always falls down. I found this pair of dragon ones, for a steal, so Mason now has his own rain boots.

It rained all night, and was down to a drizzle so we decided to test them out.

Braden brought the umbrella's out and was not happy in the picture below because Mason thought the Spiderman umbrella was for him. I convinced Braden to let him have a "turn."

Where's Mason?

After much splashing in the shallow puddles they found the deepest one in our driveway. Knowing what clean-up would be like (baths before lunch) I made it off limits for stomping, so they made it a fish pond. They dropped the "helicopter" seeds into it and proceeded to catch, bass, blue gills, piranhas, a barracuda, a shark, and finally they left an eel behind.

But the BEST part is, as we were stomping around the drive way a police car drove by and we waved. Next thing we know he pulled into our drive way and asked if we were locked out of the house. We were obviously quite a site! I assured him we were only testing out new rain boots, but it was nice of him to double check. This of course made Braden's day that a police officer came to his house!

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