Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Garden and Mr. Tree

The garden is planted! Blake worked on it most of the day yesterday, so that as soon as Braden got out of school it would be ready to plant! This will always be a memorable time of year for us, because it was on the day of last year's garden planting that we had spent the morning in the ER with Mason's egg allergy. That was the first time we had ever given him eggs.

Blake and I both walked over to pick Braden up from school, a very rare treat! Blake and Braden went straight to the local nursery to pick out our veggies. This is not the official list, that would have to come from the "official gardener" but most of what I remember is tomatoes, basil, cilantro, chocolate mint, cucumbers, and green beans.

As Blake worked on the holes, it was Braden's job to look for sticks and rocks! He never passes up a chance to chunk sticks and rocks!

Treasure…who wants fried worms?

Showing Braden how to remove the plant from it's pot and get the roots nice and loose!

Just look at Blake's smile! Is that a Proud Papa moment or what!

There's a new face around our house, literally. When we first moved in, a house across the street had a tree with a face similar to this on it, (which we named Mr. Tree) in their front yard. Braden was 2 at the time and fascinated by Mr. Tree. He would ask, "is Mr. Tree watching me play baseball right now?" "now is he watching?" "what about now" Until one sad day last year someone decided to steal Mr. Tree. So when I came across this face I knew we had to have it! I put it up during my lunch hour, so when he came home that afternoon and finally saw it, it was a huge mystery as to where it came from!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mason's favorite job is to water the plants, weeds, rocks and driveway, as long as he has his red "elphant" can, he is happy to go back and forth getting water, spilling water, and wearing the water!

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