Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another year.....Mason is 2

Mason - First Birthday (rice crispy cake)

Mason - morning of his 2nd Birthday

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by! Most of it has flown! You are such a little boy now....your wispy curls are gone and you have started talking in sentences, and even using the potty. You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do and say whatever Braden does or says, and you love to play with his toys, especially his Thomas Trains. For the most part you two get along great, but it drives him crazy when you turn all the trains on and then go play something else. He knows it runs the batteries down. Braden is also our watch dog for you, he tells us when you are going upstairs, climbing his bunk bed ladder, pushing buttons on the TV or playing in the bathroom.

You had your second round of Allergy Testing in March; still allergic to eggs and nuts; the Allergist, Dr. Straub, had to administer your MMR vaccination and then we waited an hour to see if you would react, which you did, so they had to give you a little Benadryl.

We have not had to use your Epi-Pen yet, but we have had to give you Benadryl a few times as you've had minor reactions to a few things at home and at church.

You've had stitches twice, the first round above your eye, in January, and the second round in May when you hit the corner of a table at school and sliced the side of your mouth.

Still sitting in your high-chair for lunch and dinner, you can sit at our kid table, but it's hard to keep you still to finish a meal. The high chair is just easier right now.

You love bath time and know to look "high in the sky" so I can rinse your hair.

Soccer season was very challenging because you thought you should be on the field and especially at the goalie net, with Braden and Daddy.

Your vocabulary is astounding. You have letter recognition for almost the entire alphabet. We have letters hanging in our play area and we have foam letters in the bathtub.

Colors you know: silver, brown, orange, green, purple, yellow, pink, black, white, & blue

You can the names of your friends at school and church: Jack, Jake, Wes, Hayden, Jonathan, Abishika, Sophie, Owen, Nora, Dylan, Zack, Brock, Eden; You can also say your teachers names and other workers at the Center on site: Chelsea, Rose, Kortney, George, Monica, Tasha, Kevin, and Shane

Most frequently used phrase: I DO IT! Shoes, bath, diaper, door, seat belt, most anything we have to do on a daily basis, you want to DO IT!

Shoes on
Dragon boots on
My drink milk
Hold you
I take bath
I go potty potty
I done
Help please
No thank you
Some more
Go see chickens
Go see ducks
Bye bye again?
Play outside!
I do monkey bars
I slide
I swing
I swim
(Momma, Daddy, Braden) where are you?
Play trains?
Momma's computer
Get up
Good morning
Will's house
Go Cardinals!
Vroom vroom motorcycle
Big truck!
Big tractor!

This week on the way to school, a lady in front of Blake and Mason was going very slow while talking on her cell phone, so Blake said out loud "Go Lady!" Mason said it the entire way to school, was saying it when Blake left him at school and has said it, especially in the truck, ever since "Go Lady!"

When you are in a good mood, which is most of the time, you are an absolute delight! You try to dance like Braden does to Michael Jackson, and even say "whoo whoo, as you shake your shoulders and spin around"

You melt our hearts every time you say "I love you" and cock your little head sideways

Every morning you wake up and lay in your bed listening to your music until we get you out to go downstairs and drink one and a half sippy cups of warmed milk. As soon as we come in your room, you start pointing to your binky's that have fallen in the floor, so we pick them up (we have about 8 in your crib) they will be going away soon, after our summer travels. Then you say good morning, point to your lion rug and "rooaaarrrr" then your alligator stuffed animal "aaarrrrgggg" then we turn off your hippo night light, and as we walk down the stairs you point to "Will's house" out the window

You love to knock on Daddy's bathroom door, when he's in there taking a shower, I think you just get a thrill out of banging on doors!

We are so happy and lucky to have you in our lives, Mason! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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