Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Silver Dollar City Round 1

Sabrina and I braved the heat to take these two monkeys to Silver Dollar City yesterday. They loved it! There was no shopping or browsing it was from one ride to the next! We barely got them to eat lunch! Ice cream of course was no problem!

Amazingly, Braden loved the American Plunge, which was the first ride for us! He asked to ride it again, and of course before we left, we did!

Braden: I know exactly where the log ride is! Will: Um, Braden are you sure you can read?

Souvenir of choice....a back scratcher. I hesitated because I fear this will become a weapon to Mason!

These were the first round and since there wasn't a good shot of both we had to retake them, but they were turned out great! They thought they were big stuff holding these guns!


  1. so, was Braden old enough (tall enough) to ride all the rides or just some of them, or how did that work?

  2. He got to ride the ones he wanted to ride. Not so much interested in the upside down roller coasters. He rode Fire in the Hole, American Plunge, and Lost River!