Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have A Seat.....On the Cardinals

Thanks to Pop we are now the proud owners of these seats from the "Old" Busch Stadium. As a surprise to Blake, Pop "acquired" them and brought them to Springdale last weekend. I sent Blake in his truck with the knowledge he was picking something up that would not fit in the back of my car, and that it was for HIM, not me!

Regardless of where we put them, right now it might be Blake's office, I knew that he would enjoy having them! He is a die hard Cardinal Fan, and the fact that he immediately started ordering memorabilia for Braden's room when he was still in the womb is just part of the proof. He wanted to take Braden to his first Cardinal game, at the "Old" Busch Stadium, just after he had turned 1, and has taken him to a game every year since.

In anticipation of the seats' arrival, I had these vinyl decals made for the backs.

Thanks, Pop! Great idea!

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