Friday, June 25, 2010

The Secret Life of Bees

June was my month to host our Book Club and I chose a book I read sometime last year, The Secret Life of Bees! Great read if you're interested! Of course book club had to fall when Blake was going to be out of town! I had already planned to have it in the shade of our back yard, with the boys inside, so that worked out well. I basically never went back in the house until after Mason went to bed! Braden knew we were out there, but there would have been no peace for our sitter Rose, if Mason had known a party was going on and he was not part of it!

I owe Blake big time for mowing the yard, arranging the tables, stocking the cooler and ensuring a plentiful garden all before he left town on Wednesday!

Dessert was mini frozen lemonade pies (thank you Janet Benson) with fresh sprigs of mint from the garden.

Appetizer of bruschetta with basil from the garden and toasted pita chips

It was a perfect night for salads; oriental slaw, german potato with fresh chives from the garden, and a green salad with our lettuce and basil, more locally grown lettuce and to jazz it up yellow bell peppers, radishes, hearts of palm, avacado, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and Suzie's special dressing. The lovely centerpiece came from Sabrina's yard!

Our table centerpieces were all from the garden; mint, lemon balm and basil

Suzie & Carol

Friend, neighbor and sometimes florist!

In addition to goodies in the cooler we had lemonade with fresh mint, lemon balm and sliced lemons and water with mint, cucumber and lime slices

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