Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blake took the day off…

I did a little research (stopped by our local nursery and scoped out a few plants I liked), then I pitched the idea to Blake about redoing the landscaping in front of our house, then I emailed Janet a few pictures begging for suggestions. She sent back a detailed hand-drawn plan, and 3 pages of step by step descriptions that our local nursery guy was in awe of.

At first we thought we would "work around" what we had, but the muscle (Blake) was willing to pull the existing out, so we started from scratch. Of course the biggest obstacle was the GAS METER located behind the bushes on the right, that we couldn't till within 2 feet of, so he had to hand dig to remove what was there and put in the new. It took every bit of the same precision and focus of the bomb de-activators we see in the movies.

We are keeping it thoroughly watered, Mother Nature has helped in that department and it still needs a few last minute touches and mulch, but all in all I think it looks GREAT. Thanks for the plans, Janet, and thanks for the muscle, Blake!

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