Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Blake!

 It took two days to fully celebrate Blake's birthday. We spent the weekend in Rogers, and he competed in a triathlon on Sunday. By the time we got home, we are all exhausted. We had a light dinner, and blew out candles on a flamingo brownie!

 Smile like Mason!

 The card Braden made of he and Blake playing baseball

 The rest of the celebration took place Monday night, with his traditional birthday meal....fried chicken, okra, mashed potatoes and grease gravy. This year we added squash, because the boys picked two out of the garden!

This recipe was an experiment.....Chocolate Fudge Pie with a cream cheese drizzle. It had to refrigerate overnight, so the boys and I made it on Sunday night. I usually don't like to experiment with recipes on special occasions, so when we sat down for the first bite I was nervous.....but pleasantly surprised! It was heavenly!

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