Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

 Once again, we were honored to celebrate our nation's birthday at the neighborhood 4th of July parade. I'm happy to add this is the 32nd annual parade, and we have had the pleasure of attending three of these. Check out 2008 and 2010 here. Unfortunately we missed 2009 because of the rain.

 Blake ran a Firecracker 5k this morning, placing first in his age category!

 Lemonade and cookies after the parade, in the hosts backyard.

 After the morning parade, we had a little lunch at home, I took the boys to see Cars 2, Mason somehow fell asleep during the movie, dropped him off after to play at Sabrina's, and took Braden to buy fireworks. Blake has admitted that he is not a huge fan of fireworks, which I completely understand. Unfortunately our kids are fascinated by them. We were thankful for a dinner invite from the Arbuckles, a repeat of what we did last year, and Mark was our official pyromaniac.

You would think this broccoli was sprinkled with sugar the way Mason devoured it. He kept asking for more!!!!

 I'm not quite sure how to interpret this expression, but it made me laugh.....

 Last year Braden received this cap gun as a gift at his birthday party. He sees it as a firework on its own, and once he used up all his caps, Mason wouldn't put it down.

 Run for your life!

 Mason shooting poor Mark.

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