Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

For Blake's birthday, he was out the hotel door by 5:15 am, to pick up Dusty and head to Horseshoe Bend in Rogers, AR, for a triathlon. Despite a balmy morning in July, he finished the event in 1:30:02.

We have been in Rogers since Thursday night, seeing lots of friends and family, and getting our moneys worth out of the indoor pool!

Along with the Kennedys and their girls, ages 6 and 18 mos, we have left our mark on NWA.

Because we have amazing husbands, Amy and I snuck away for 4 hours without kids, which wasn't enough to catch up on 4 years, so we snuck away after dinner, too. I saw midnight for the first time in a long time! Two of those hours was sitting in her hotel parking lot....still catching up!

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