Monday, July 4, 2011

Machine Pitch Season

 This was our first season of Machine Pitch baseball. Braden left for Forrest City as soon as school let out, which was also a week before his first game. Fortunately Pop was able to take him to the batting cages a few times.

 This was our last game, on Saturday. All in all Braden did well with the machine pitch, and even played pitcher well. He got a few hits, and was never fearful of the machine. His swings were so hard that his few foul balls went into the crowd. It's hard for him to stay focused in the field and keep his eye on the ball when swinging. He seems to have a great throwing arm, and runs fast!

 Pop was able to be at his first game, helped coach and even helped get the machine aligned.

 Mason so badly wants to be just like Braden. It's even harder during sports, because Blake is out on the field, and that's where Mason thinks he should be, too.

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