Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Batter Up!

 Mason and the runner on first taking a moment to draw in the dirt. It's just too irresistible! Mason's game started about 30 minutes before Braden's, so I was able to catch him in the field and at bat. They were staring directly in the sun, and don't have hats at this age, so I grabbed the only kid sunglasses I could find in my car. I'm sure Blake was so proud!

 Batter up! Love that face!

 Headed to third!

 Coach making sure he knows to run home!

 Last night, Braden had to slide into third base, so today, Mason slid home. He was so proud that he got so dirty.
"Mom am I bleeding" He was so disappointed that neither elbow was bloody.

  Braden's team, the Elks Astros have wrapped up their regular season....UNDEFEATED. Tonight we started out at Mason's T-ball game, so we both missed Braden's home run! This team has really played well this season. They've learned a lot, and I think had a little bit of fun, too!

 The coaches and parents hosted a cook out immediately after the game, and they dumped ice water on their coach. Braden was in charge of "distracting" him as they snuck up behind him. The night was complete with a water balloon fight among team members and little brothers!

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