Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Go Astros!

 Last night was Mason's final T-Ball game, and Braden's first round of his tournament game. His team finished the regular season undefeated! I love the picture above, because when Braden bent down to be closer to Mason, Mason bent down, too! It was sweet.

 I was lucky enough to snag these pics as we headed out the door to divide and conquer! Since Blake is coaching Mason's team, he took him to his game at 5:30, and took Braden for his 6 p.m. game. Blake and Mason arrived near the 4th inning, and were in time to see Braden's team win 14 to 9. Before the game, Braden's team received medals for their undefeated season. Tonight is the final game of the tournament!

 Their pep talk from Coach Josh

 Each players name was called and they received medals for their undefeated season.

 1, 2, 3 GO ASTROS!

 Let's Play Ball!

After party....snow cones!

A lot of the Mom's got some great pics over the season. The images below are from Kristy McKechnie, mostly from the 12th game.

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