Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rockies vs Blue Jays | T-Ball Time!

 Mason has literally been counting the minutes....for over a year now.....until he would officially play on a T-Ball team! Thanks to Nan & Pop for all the gear he got for Christmas, he's been ready to suit up since December! Tonight was the night! We had to drop Braden off at his game so he would be there for warm up, then zoom across town for Mason's game. He got to play first base, and took that to also mean he was playing pitcher, second base and outfield, too. Seriously, he was all over the ball, and was good about listening to Coach Dad tell him to tag the base or throw it to the umpire.

Somehow, at one point, he had two balls in his glove. Our pitcher spent most of the game with his glove covering his face, and one little boy on the Blue Jays team hit the ball, then ran and grabbed it, then threw it to our pitcher, so he could tag him out. Back to the basics!

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