Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finally 4....Happy Birthday, Mason!

Mason kicked off his birthday celebration with a party on Saturday....only to be mad because he wasn't really four yet! It was a great combination of team mates, neighborhood friends, church friends, and Braden's friends!

We've taken a new approach to opening gifts, and allowing the boys to open their present as soon as guests arrive. This was a big hit for this age group!

 This is one of Mason's BFF's from day care, and ironically he lives a few houses behind us. This is Jonathan, and from the back, he and Mason are often hard to tell apart.

 This dinosaur card from the Naccarato's got extra attention....Mason wanted to know if T-Rex could kill you. If he was still alive, why YES he could!

 Hola, Rose! Rose is ours, and the boys FAVORITE babysitter! We first met her when Mason started at The Center, at 8 weeks old. She was just beginning to learn English, but "Ahhh Mason" was what she said to him every morning. Rose has excelled at English and is very loving to both of our boys. She visits her family a few times each year, and always brings a special treat back for Braden and Mason. When they know Rose is coming, they cannot push us out the door fast enough!

 Mason was confiding to his friend, Brockydell (Brock Radell) that this was orginally a basketball pinata, but it wasn't a Batman Basketball party, so Mom had to "turn it into" a baseball. He's probably also telling him how much candy Mason was able to cram into it.
 Mason loved the "serious face" he was making


Finally, this morning, Mason was officially 4! He put his Batman costume on first thing, and we opened presents before church. The main item on his list was a robe. Blake sometimes wears a robe in the morning, so Mason has been asking for one for months. It is not easy to find a robe in June.

 Braden's gift, to Mason....Rio!

 The robe over the batman costume.

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