Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Take the Binky!

Braden will never be able to accuse Mason of not sharing! He insisted. . obviously that Braden take the binky, too! Braden doesn't remember, but he used to LOVE his binky. . .he would have one in each hand!

My turn

Hey, where did everyone go? On Sunday, I drove Granny home, and Braden went to play across the street, which left Daddy and Mason to entertain each other.

Mason is not only crawling everywhere. . .he's pulling up on everything, too. He took two good tumbles on Sunday, one trying to hold onto one of Braden's chairs. He can reach the placemat and slide whatever is on it closer. Braden was trying to get a drink of milk, and Mason tried to steal his food. . . or so Braden thought!

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