Monday, March 2, 2009

Mount Carmel Foundation Gala

Blake and I were invited to attend the Mount Carmel Foundation Gala this year. We had the pleasure of attending the first year we were here, but skipped last years. It was a lot of fun getting ready this year, because I literally had a "pit crew" to help. After we all bowled, Leah came over to do my hair, and Silvia helped with my make-up. I asked if they would be willing to do this every morning! Surprisingly they said NO!

Silvia making my eyes perfect.

Me helping Blake with his bow tie. I know. . this kinda has a wedding vibe. . .but it was fun!

Thank you Silvia for the beautiful jewelry, too!

Thank you Leah, for the updo and getting the great pictures. Leah was also our team captain for bowling.

This is one handsome guy!

Fellow book clubbers. . . Sue Hodson & Joanna Rhodes (also a personal trainer, helping Blake and I get in gear!)

Sue, Carol Wimmer, Joanna, Me hugging Carol's hubby, Dr. Brad Wimmer.

Joanna doesn't understand why Sue would feel like a giant. . . . .

Drew Rhodes, Ron Marrone & Blake.

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