Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan a.k.a. Wolverine

We had so much fun Sunday afternoon at Logan's birthday party. It was held at our favorite cake shop Sweet Designs Cakery. Each child had a 6 inch cake to frost and decorate. Heather showed them how to put a little icing on their piece of cardboard and "glue" their cake to it with icing so it wouldn't move around. Then each table had bags of colored icing and these muffin tins with lots of sprinkles and candies to put on their cakes. It was a lot of fun. I promise every kid licked more icing off their spoon than they got on their cakes!

Braden and his best "girl" friend Gracie.

Birthday boy Logan!

Joanna and Ethan Rhodes

Ehtan & Will dying to dig into their icing.

The final masterpiece. Braden couldn't wait to eat his cake at dinner. He even wanted us to sing Happy birthday. . .but we talked him out of that!

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