Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Braden's Last PSU Little Gorilla's Project Night

Last night after swim lessons and picking up Mason, Blake was sending me a text about getting a run in after work, when Braden pipes up "Tonight is my project night at Gorillas" after tracking down his back pack, which we left in Leah's truck, I rifled through all of the papers and sure enough, it was Project Night. I got Mason and Braden fed and somehow inhaled some chicken myself and when Daddy walked in the door directly from work (no run tonight) we were ready to go!

This was Braden's last Project Night, and Mason's first.

Signing in as he does every morning. They had the kids do these even before they knew how to write their names.

Thank goodness we did have dinner, he made a beeline to the cookie table and had 2 with friends Corin & her older brother, Griffin.

Do you think Braden LOVES the camera? This was a mural of musical instruments he helped draw.

He's showing me his journal here, and he drew a great picture about his current favorite movie, "Monster House" I was guessing everything that was going on.

His collage about musical instruments.

Our friend and neighbor, Timmie (love the peace sign)

This could have been a great shot. It is a great shot, but I would have loved it if Braden had given on of his "cheese" smiles.



"Bat that Flys" created after reading the book "Rumble in the Jungle"

Mason LOVED this giant Gorilla.

Getting better at standing on is own.

Trying to get him to take a step. No go.

Mason was thrilled to get Braden's plastic cup after he drank all the juice.

Come on Mason. . . .

You can do it. . . .

Braden making sand art with his friends, during Project Night

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